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Our team at Om Ganga Tours Tour is a small and friendly group of adventure enthusiasts who prefer the great outdoors to an office space. We are in the business of adventure last 15yrs, simply because we love what we do! We hope to use our experience and life-long hobbies to help you get the most out of your trip.

Come, visit us and see what we’re all about... If you think we are what you’re looking for, then get on board ! Your adventure awaits !

Om Ganga Tours jungle camp far from the highway and away from everyone else. The pleasant sound of the rapids on the river echoes in the valley and camping around such an amazing natural surroundings is a lifetime experience in itself. As the area has Rajaji National park on both sides, a good variety of rare himalayan birds can be seen. Evenings at campsite are romantic, fun-filled and exciting. The starlit sky, silhouette of the mountains, rippling sound of the river and shimmering of bon-fire, this is a great way to explore the outdoors.

Corporate Tour Programme

Benefits :

  • • Do-it-yourself learning
  • • Enjoyment and Fun
  • • Building of trust Change of place and environment
  • • Balancing of Roles
  • • Camp Activities : Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Team Building Activity, Kayaking, etc.
  • • Best Season : 20th Sep-30th Nov and 01st Mar-15th Jun
  • • In a trekking program, it is the effort of the whole group to reach the top. Our goal is to build productive groups and develop good relationships at workplace through simple sports activities like trekking and river rafting.
  • • It's time to motivate and inspire your team members. Set them free: they can either trek in Himalayas or engage in training.

We Offer Corporate Tour Programme :

  • • Om Ganga Tours is known for organizing corporate adventure Weekend Tour Packages in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. We provide all kinds of logistic support for Fun / Incentive Trips, Corporate getaways, Entertainment and fun for Corporate Groups, Adventure conferencing and Outbound training programs.

  • • Outbound Training is a good option in creating a learning atmosphere in natural environment where participants learn while indulging in certain interactive exercises and executing certain adventurous activities.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • • All bookings are strictly subject to availability and confirmation by payment of non-refundable advance.
  • • All our packages are ‘group packages ‘and same services items are applicable for each person in the group.
  • • In case of reduction in the number of persons, the total package cost will remain the same. Minimum billing must be done as per the minimum guarantee given by the group.
  • • Any meal, activity or service not availed by the client will not be adjusted in the package cost.
  • • We entertain only those person at the campsite for whom the booking has been made. No additional persons will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • • We reserve the right to alter or cancel any trip depending upon the prevailing condition


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